Commercial Building Star Avenue 1


The project is located on nearly 4 acres of land on Mahidol Road consists of commercial buildings. There are more than 100 units of parking space for cars and motorcycles. There is also a large park for relaxation. The project is properly licensed. The standard of construction, security, common area and environment is higher than other commercial buildings. Make the business of the Star Avenue project a better one.

Project allocation

Because commercial buildings in Chiang Mai it is still a very popular property for many reasons, such as easy purchase, easy sales, maintenance convenience. Might be slower than the house and diversity in use, but with the rapid expansion of Chiang Mai. Including policy changes without direction. Many commercial buildings have problems such as insufficient parking. Changes to government parking policy Taking care of the area apart from the deed of their own. Degradation of the neighborhood There are also some problems that may arise from direct projects, such as non-standard construction. Number of projects is too small, resulting in accumulation of customer exchanges. Avoiding the allocation makes the building owner ineligible for public space. This will lead to misuse of public space and other purposes.


  • Getting comfortable Can travel multiple routes. The location is easy to travel.
  • Spacious parking lot around the project.
  • There is a park for relaxation.
  • Spacious internal road.
  • The request was properly allocated. Do not take advantage of customers.
  • The electric system around the project has a lot of walking traffic.
  • 24-hour security guard